New red flags laws legislation to combat gun violence

For everything from red flag laws to school security, this is what’s proposed as part of a bipartisan gun security plan that certain lawmakers in the GOP have promised to reject.

The bipartisan senatorial group, comprised of twenty members on Sunday, unveiled legislation to combat gun violence. The proposal includes the support of school security, mental health care services, and red flag laws.

The bill is less comprehensive in comparison to what Democrats wanted to do with gun reform, at least initially. A few Republican legislators have pledged to vote directly against the legislation or slam colleagues that support it; however, others have expressed an interest in studying the legislation.

The final pieces of legislation haven’t been written yet, but here’s what senators have said they’re proposing.

Red Flag Laws Support

The proposal also allows tribal nations and states to help with the emergency intervention order, commonly referred to in red flag legislation. Through a court order, red flag laws permit law enforcement agencies to temporarily seize guns owned by those considered dangerous (either to others or themselves).

A potentially threatening person might be reported to authorities through a family member or trusted friend. A majority of states have some kind of red flag law.

The Investment in Telehealth Services and Mental Health

The legislators are planning to invest in programs for suicide prevention, along with an expansion across the nation of mental health services in the community. It also proposes investments in health care via telehealth.

The ‘Boyfriend Loophole’ is Closed

Senators have proposed that people convicted of committing domestic violence and/or those subject to an order to stop domestic violence should be included in the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, also known as NICS.

Criminals convicted of domestic abuse are banned from purchasing guns if they are married or have a child that lives with a victim. This is known as a “boyfriend loophole.”

Security of Schools Through Funding

The bill will provide funds for programs that aim to prevent school shootings, educate staff and students, and increase security in schools. This goal has gained popularity among Republican lawmakers following the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting.

Crackdowns on Straw Purchases and Illegal Dealers

The plan clarifies the requirements for registering as a federal dealer of firearms. This is designed to address dealers illegally defying the licensing requirements. It also ensures that commercial sellers have completed background checks.

This plan also attempts to stop straw purchasing and trafficking in guns, which is when individuals purchase a firearm for another person who cannot buy the gun themselves. The plan endeavors to stop illegal firearms from flowing into cities.

Background Checks Are Being Expanded for Buyers Younger than 21 Years Old

Senators are considering an enhanced background check for firearm buyers 20 years of age or younger. The enhanced background check process will require additional time, including examining mental and juvenile health records and checking with local and state police records.

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