BasicAI – SaaS Company: Google Ads, Blog Posts, Social Media Mentions Campaign

This client’s marketing department contacted me on Fiverr first, where we worked on a Google Ads campaign. The mission was to increase conversions on their SaaS site, “BasicAI,” while reducing costs. Here are pictures of the results:


  • Conversion rate boosted from 0.34% to 0.37%
  • Cost was divided by 4: From $2500 to $600 for the same amount of clicks (600)
  • Cost Per Click went from $0.37 to $0.19

This was a clear success.

We decided to continue our cooperation. We decided on doing additional Google Ads, Blog Posts, and a Social Media Mentions Campaign.
The missions were as follows:

  • Improve the existing Google Ads campaigns
  • Create Blog Posts with featured images for their Blog.
  • Launch a Social Media Comments Campaign, mentioning their brand on multiple social media platforms to raise awareness.


Google Ads

Ultimately, the client got ten conversions for an average cost of $30.44 daily. Each conversion brings $60 of profit the client on average.

Here is the results breakdown:

To calculate CPS (cost per sale), we need to divide the total cost by the total number of conversions. In this case, the client obtained 10 conversions at a total cost of $30.44.

CPS = Total Cost / Number of Conversions CPS = $30.44 / 10 CPS = $3.044

To calculate the SR (sales revenue), we need to multiply the number of conversions by the average value of each conversion. In this case, each conversion was worth $60 on average, and the client obtained 10 conversions.

SR = Number of Conversions x Average Conversion Value SR = 10 x $60 SR = $600

This is the profit for one given day. They are doing this profit, or more, daily now.

To calculate the ROI (return on investment), we need to subtract the total cost from the sales revenue and divide by the total cost.

ROI = (Sales Revenue – Total Cost) / Total Cost x 100% ROI = ($600 – $30.44) / $30.44 x 100% ROI = 1874.98%

This ROI indicates that for every dollar the client invested in the campaign, they received a return of $18.75 in revenue. This is a very high return on investment, indicating that the campaign was very successful.

Blog Posts

We created 20 posts with one featured image each.

Each post has well-researched content and targets a low-competition keyword.

The client is not currently using the blog posts, but is keeping them for future-use.

Social Media Comments Campaign

For this mission, we created around 100 comments raising awareness about the client’s company. We focused on Facebook groups, Reddit and Twitter. Most comments do not include links, so they are not considered spam and get taken down by moderators, but just casually ask a question related to the niche and casually mention the company name.

This is a great organic traffic technique we used previously with great long-term results